Order Submission, Delay & Cancellation.

1.1. All orders processing only business working days (Monday to Friday).

1.2. GSMSwift will have no liability if wrong IMEI, wrong carrier, unlocked IMEI submitted by customer. It will be replied as Unlocked/Done, credits will be deducted from your account & no refund in case of this.

1.3. If we detected unverified/unauthorized payments, orders will be rejected without any reason. You must Submit Support Ticket in this case.

1.4. The day, customer placed the order is not countable in delivery time if service delivery time is longer than 48 Hours. However, if service delivery time is less than 48 Hours, submission day is countable.

6.6. If any service is delayed by supplier with any reason, order cancellation is not possible until canceled by supplier.

6.7. API services orders cancellation is not possible in any case until supplier reply. Most of the services are connected with api.

6.8. Unfortunately, orders cancellation is not possible if order status shown 'In Process' Or 'Completed'. However, you can request to cancel orders if Order status is shown as 'Pending'.

Customer Support.

2.1. GSMSwift provides customer support to you at no additional fee for issues related to our services only.

2.2. You must request customer support only by opening Ticket, Live Chat & Official Support Forum. GSMSwift will have no liability to provide customer support if it is requested in any other way apart from the Ticket System, Live Chat & Official Forum.

2.3. Your conversation must be written in English.

2.4. You must provide GSMSwift with all information and access to facilities that GSMSwift may reasonably require providing the requested customer support & allow upto 24h Hours for agent to reply.

Acceptable Payment, Currency & Fees.

All funds will be deposited in your GSMSwift.com account. Added funds/credits are only for using our services.

3.1. Acceptable payment methods:

PayPal Mass Pay
Western Money transfer
Bank/Wire Transfer

3.2. Read before making payments:
3.2.1. PayPal payments are accepted through verified PayPal accounts only. Taxes are exclusive.
3.2.2. Currently we accept USD & GBP currencies only.
3.2.3. We will not accept any unverified/unauthorized payments in any case. You must make payment from a valid & verified PayPal account. Use '+Add Credits' button to deposit funds via paypal. Your account will be credited automatically. Verification may required in some cases.

We are unable to accept Debit/Credit card right now. However, if you are a old member of GSMHosting, we will investigate your account and may consider in case of.

PayPal payments, buyer must pay the transaction tax.


Refund Policy.

GSMSwift allows refund of PayPal payments.

4.1. Typically, auto refunding system available at GSMSwift, such as once your order is rejected, it means credits will be refunded to your GSMSwift account.

4.2. Refund available of Credits deposited By PayPal. Refund fee will be applied.

4.3. No refund in case of any service delay until refunded by supplier.

4.4. No refund in case of wrong imei/wrong carrier/bad request.

4.5. You must submit a Support Ticket for refund by clicking Submit Ticket & Select 'Support' department to continue (You must login with your account. You must mention the Invoice No in ticket) & you must allow up to 1-3 working days to process your refund.

Credits Use Policy.

5.1. You are unable to transfer/sale your GSMSwift.com account credits to your friends/other accounts.



Disputes, ChargeBack & Solutions.

6.1. You must contact us before opening dispute. GSMSwift will have no liability in case of dispute.

6.2. If Chargeback is filed after completed orders, then your imei will be Re-Locked without any warning. We will put you on cheater's list at Gsm Hosting.

6.3. Once your imei is Re-Locked by GSMSwift & if you want to re-unlock it, triple amount will be charged instead of first unlocked amount.

6.4. GSMSwift always tries to resolve your issue privately by opening Ticket Support, Live Chat & Official Support Forum. We recommend you to use one of these methods to contact support for help in case of any critical issue. You must allow upto 24 Hours for support to respond.